Legal Representation for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit organization needs legal counsel at some point – and history shows that litigation can be an effective tool to bring about social change.

Legal representation is time- and labor-intensive, but when we work as your partner well before any issues arise, we are best equipped to manage your litigation needs effectively.


legal representationFrom starting a nonprofit to charity operations to employee relations, nearly every facet of your enterprise involves compliance issues. Beyond those lie disputes with vendors and donors, between tenants and landlords, over gifts made via wills and trusts, and many others. Any of these situations can escalate into litigation.

Charitable Allies has years of experience with these types of disputes, meaning we can often resolve them efficiently and productively. Our team of nonprofit lawyers will work with you to better understand your charitable organization, your case, and how best to resolve the situation at hand.

We can provide legal representation for a variety of your nonprofit’s needs! The following are just a few examples of what Charitable Allies can do to represent your philanthropic organization from a legal standpoint:

  • Human Resources and Employment
    • Advise re-compliance with labor laws
    • Advise re-compliance with overtime regulations
  • General Legal Assistance
  • Governance
    • Review and advise clients on updates or changes to bylaws and articles
    • Revise and restated bylaws and articles, operating agreements, etc.
    • Advise regarding membership, board, structure and other questions
  • Merger, Reorganization, or Closure
    • Advise re-merging operations with another organization/separation from parent organization
    • Advise regarding correcting information or operations
    • Advise re-business partnerships
  • Litigation
    • Bring action on behalf of client to right wrongs against it by another party
    • Defend client against claims or threatened claims brought against it
    • Work with insurers in order to collect on policies
  • Real Estate
    • Transfer of property from individual to corporation
    • Lease/property sale and closing

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“Our attorneys have specific experience in representing nonprofits. By being your partner day to day, we can be your best ally in a legal proceeding,” says Barry Bostrom.


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