Nonprofit Startup

donateIncorporation, bylaws, tax exemption,
insurance, intellectual property, real estate,
employment policies … Chartering a nonprofit or charity is a complex endeavor.

Charitable Allies can guide you through these processes or even handle them on your behalf so you can stay focused on your mission.

“We knew our volunteers wouldn’t have the time or the expertise to handle all the legal requirements, or even know what they were.

Charitable Allies took care of everything at a reasonable cost.”

– Jason Allmon, Head Pastor, Bainbridge Christian Church


We want to help you get started on your mission as quickly as possible, yet with all
the details covered. We’ve helped numerous new charities with:

  • Preparing articles of incorporation
  • Obtaining a federal Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • Filing for federal 501(c) tax exemption
  • Securing state sales and property tax exemptions
  • Acquiring a reduced postage mailing permit
  • Filing Charity Solicitation Registrations (CSR), where required
  • Developing, revising and updating bylaws and boards of directors’ and officers’ duties,
    and preparing proper board minutes
  • Helping implement nonprofit best practices
  • Creating an employee handbook and advising on employment law
  • Charting a five-year plan
  • And much more
“Starting a charity is a legal undertaking, but it’s also so much more. We’ll make sure you start strong so you can immediately begin to grow,” says Zac Kester.