Your Nonprofit Operations Strategy

Transparency and stewardship are vital to today’s donors and volunteers. No charity can thrive without the public’s confidence and trust.

Charitable Allies can make sure your nonprofit organization meets the highest standards in operations and fundraising – and keep up with new policy trends. (For instance, do you have a whistleblower policy?)


We want to help your philanthropic organization be a successful fundraiser, employer, tenant and partner as well as a successful charity. To that end, Charitable Allies will use its years of consulting experience to:

  • Negotiate the availability of credit that works for your charity
  • Help create an overall Nonprofit plan
  • Advise on how best to measure outcomes through anecdote and data
  • Review and advise on updates or changes to bylaws and articles
  • Advise regarding membership, board, and other questions
  • Secure property and liability insurance
  • Address hazards associated with fundraising and other events
  • Recommend policies that insulate your charity from liability when it enters into relationships with partners or affiliates
  • Maintain and communicate donor stewardship and financial transparency
  • Monitor adherence to GAAP

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“We can identify the best practices that apply to your particular organization. Let us help your nonprofit reach its full potential,” says Zac Kester.


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