Nonprofit Merger, Reorganization or Closure

Business TeamSometimes, reorganizing a charity or merging two nonprofits results in a more vibrant,
well-prepared organization, ready to pursue its mission with renewed vigor.

Whether it’s a reorganization, a merger or a
dissolution, the action requires careful
documentation and legal paperwork.

Charitable Allies can make sure the
reorganization, merger or dissolution is handled in a way that protects your clients, board and staff
to the highest degree.


We’ll guide your charity through informing staff, volunteers and clients and taking inventory through filing a formal intent to close and the final locking of the doors.

Realigning your charity’s affairs includes addressing:

  • Donors
    • honoring intentions
  • Members (if any)
    • delivering any final benefits/services to which they are entitled
  • Employees, Vendors and Contractors
    • making final payments
    • dissolving contracts
  • Granting and Contracting Agencies
    • completing the work
    • making or receiving payments
    • filing reports
  • State and Local Governments
    • paying all taxes due
    • paying all fees due
  • The Community
    • letting the community know what’s happening
    • helping them find another outlet for your services

Charitable Allies has successfully reorganized and merged nonprofits, consolidating operations and boards, streamlining processes and otherwise turning them into one efficient organization.

“We recognize that it takes courage and fortitude to reorganize or merge, so we are as careful with a charity’s history and future as we would be our own,” says Barry Bostrom.