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  • The Board isn't giving members information we need!

    By law, organizations like IACP are required to provide certain records when requested. The Board has not provided records to members despite repeated attempts. As members, we have the right to certain information and records. We should encourage transparency between the Board and members to ensure IACP keeps and maintains organized records.

  • The ``Find a Professional`` function has been dysfunctional for years, and was offline for months.

    One benefit of membership is supposed to be a listing on the “find a professional” search function on the IACP website. The previous search did not function properly since 2014. The new “Find a Professional” search function was removed from the new website due to gross dysfunction for almost 4 months. The revised search function was released and still contains serious functioning flaws.  As members, we pay for this search function and the Board has not been fulfilling their end of the agreement.

  • The Board has misrepresented information.

    The IACP President told members there were “no significant changes to the bylaws being proposed.” Tracy Dyer Atkins, now President, stated on Facebook “The by-laws are being reworded for clarification. In functionality, nothing is changing.” These are false statements.  The new bylaw changes would allow IACP corporate money to be used for Director campaigns– for or against candidates. The new bylaw changes also remove a member’s right to receive the membership list prior to any elections or votes. Plus the Executive director and President’s duties were significantly changed. The list goes on. We can’t let leadership make huge changes to bylaws without telling members!

  • The Board President has not fulfilled her fiduciary responsibilities.

    The IACP President has acted as the sole go-between from the Board to attorneys. We have serious concerns that inaccurate or incomplete information was being communicated to the attorney by the President, and to the Board by the President.

  • Members have been expelled without following protocol.

    The Board is not following the process outlined in the bylaws to remove members. Without a fair and impartial investigation, members are at the mercy of any member of the public who complains. The Board has retaliated against members who tried to encourage the Board to follow the policy outlined in IACP’s bylaws.

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