Have you ever tried to do a Google search for nonprofit laws related to a specific state? If you haven’t, don’t. It will be hours of your life you can never get back. 

How do you find out about things like…

  • How much the filing fee is to become a nonprofit 
  • What term limits do board members face
  • What majority vote is needed to dissolve a nonprofit

…along with 47 other data points related to tax-exempt organizations?

Until now there hasn’t been a good way to get at this much information for a single state let alone all 50 states. Now, with the NPO Law Compendium from Charitable Allies you can. Gain access to legal specifics in regards to Incorporation, Governance, Dissolution, Special Requirements and other pertinent laws across all 50 states. 

The NPO Law Compendium is currently in beta until end of summer 2019. During our beta launch we are offering special pricing, including 2 states for free. Fill out the form below, choose your package and stay tuned to your email. It’s that easy.

Hurry today before the beta launch expires.