Employee Relations & HR

Human ResourcesYou’re an employer as well as a charity, and no matter the size, every employer must have
policies that ensure consistent and fair
treatment for all.

Moreover, only the best work environments
attract and retain the best employees.

A vast majority (95%) of liability comes from employment relations based situations. As developing case law has begun to hold Boards of Directors more accountable for their organization’s practices, it is crucial that nonprofit organizations take the time and effort to properly manage employee relations and human resources.

“By creating the right policies for your organization, Charitable Allies can help you create and sustain a robust, compliant and rewarding workplace,” says Eric Bohnet.


A charity’s image can be irreparably harmed from employment disputes, which account for as much as half of all nonprofit liability. Charitable Allies can help your charity mitigate risks as an employer by:

  • Creating paid-time-off schedules and policies
  • Developing employee orientation and training materials
  • Drafting social media, Do Not Compete and Do Not Disclose policies
  • Managing policies related to company credit cards and determining who should have access
  • Coordinating the development and use of sound, fair employment practices
  • Screening and training volunteers to protect clients and employees
  • Checking motor vehicle records for employees and volunteers driving on your behalf
  • Addressing hazards associated with fundraising events


“We had grown too quickly to keep up with our personnel policies. Charitable Allies helped us create policies specific to our organization’s needs.”

– John Mollaun, Executive Director, Hope Healthcare Services