Watch our Executive Director, Zac Kester, tell you about our approach to assisting our clients.

Charitable Allies is a charity that provides legal, educational, administrative support, training, and consulting services to nonprofits.


  • Legal services. Most charities are unable to afford excellent, experienced nonprofit legal services. Charitable Allies provides these services at free and greatly reduced rates to charities and charitable programs.
  • Governance, education and training. Charitable Allies provides educational training, in partnership with myriad other charities, for Boards of Directors, officers and staff, related to governance, leadership, and charitable and philanthropic programming best practices.
  • Administrative support services. Many nonprofit leaders are great at charitable programming, working with their boards, and maybe even fundraising, but may lack essential administrative skills; this can mean that the nonprofit is not as successful as it could be if its leaders were free to play to their strengths. Other nonprofits are stuck in the starvation cycle and don’t spend enough on administrative and “back-office” support. Charitable Allies provides a back office extra set of hands so your nonprofit leaders can do what they do best.




“Ascent 121 has been a client of Charitable Allies since our founding. As a new agency, we needed counsel on startup issues. We converted from one type of organization to another. Zac was an outstanding resource for us along the way. As we continue to grow, Zac provides counsel on operations issues, employee relations and contract review. I highly recommend him!”

Megan McGuire, CEO of Ascent 121

“Simply put… without Charitable Allies the nation-wide nonprofit I founded would not be in compliance with most government regulations and that is scary. Fortunately, their personal commitment to individualized, high-quality legal expertise in the nonprofit space has allowed us to focus on furthering our mission while Charitable Allies keeps us in compliance. I’d recommend their services to any nonprofit looking for clarity and understanding when it comes to any legal matter.”

Matt McIntyre, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Brackets For Good