Kingdom work is calling

Due to the rapid onset of COVID-19 faith-based organizations are behind on resources and time to strategically plan for the weeks and months ahead.


Planning for tough issues like cash flow, employee layoffs, and how and when to make appropriate insurance claims is rarely made in advance under calmer circumstances.

Whether you are in a stressful situation due to this novel coronavirus, or looking to be proactive, Charitable Allies is your guide.

Examples of the complex services we provide to ministries and faith-based organizations every day include:

  • Startups

    Looking to start a new church, religious daycare, faith-based recovery center, school or community center?

    Charitable Allies can guide you through:

  • Litigation


    As a non-profit organization ourselves, we know the complex details of religious non-profits.

    Cases we can help with include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Employment concerns
    • Religious freedom issues
    • Conflicts within the Board of Elders or other governing bodies
    • Working with current pastors, past pastors, and pastors emeritus in terms of their rights and authority with the church or other religious organization
  • Documents and Agreements

    Charitable Allies can assist with compliance requirements by assessing, drafting or revising your:

    • Statement of Faith
    • Employee Handbook
    • Bylaws
    • Articles of Corporation
    • Membership and Youth Safety Policies
    • Agreements between churches and their affiliated organizations
  • Mergers and Separations

    When schools and churches decide to merge, reorganize or close we ensure the legal structure, compliance and documentation are in place to make a smooth transition into your next phase.

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