Every nonprofit organization needs legal counsel at some point – and history shows that litigation can be an effective tool to bring about social change.

Selecting the right attorney for your nonprofit organization is key. We recommend finding legal counsel for your nonprofit before a crisis arises so you can protect your nonprofit organization. Our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers aim to keep your cause at the forefront of everything we do.


From starting a nonprofit to managing the day-to-day charity operations, to navigating any crisis that may arise, having an ally who knows how to keep your nonprofit in compliance with the law is invaluable to keeping your nonprofit running smoothly. And if your nonprofit is involved in a dispute or lawsuit, Charitable Allies provides legal representation for nonprofit organizations in a variety of situations, whether there is a dispute with vendors or donors, between tenants and landlords, over gifts made via wills and trusts, and many others. Any of these situations can escalate into litigation, so it’s best to be prepared by seeking a lawyer who understands the legal needs of your charity.