Charitable Allies is a law firm for nonprofit organizations. We assist nonprofits across the country to incorporate, develop organizational documents, and file with the IRS (and, where applicable, the appropriate state agencies) for tax exemption and charitable status recognition. We also regularly litigate on their behalf. Such cases include multi-party and complex civil litigation with claims of breach of contract, IIBR, UPMIFA violations, misuse of charitable funds, defamation, ICVRA, estate/probate claims fraudulent inducement, and administrative and regulatory investigations.

We’re organized and operated as a “low bono” 501(c)(3) legal aid law firm for nonprofits, which basically means we’re a law firm for small businesses that happen to be nonprofits!

We’re a small-ish organization with a huge work ethic that still likes to take a time out and have fun on occasion. We’ve been rapidly growing over the past several years and need to add to our team. We also have an internship program. Slackers need not apply! 😉

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