As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand that your mission is your top priority. Whether you’re looking for help through a merger, reorganization, or closure of your nonprofit, the nonprofit lawyers of Charitable Allies can provide comprehensive legal services and education while keeping your mission top of mind.



If you’re struggling to go through the complex process of merging two or more nonprofit organizations, the knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys at Charitable Allies are here to help. We aim to make the merger or acquisition process smooth for all parties involved that results in a more vibrant, well-functioning organization, ready to pursue its mission with renewed vigor. Whether you’ve just begun conversations to potentially merge or you are committed to merging, our attorneys provide comprehensive services including: 

  • Developing a “Terms Sheet” that outlines the key elements important to each party.
  • Negotiating terms
  • Preparing the Merger Agreement
  • Draft new/revised articles and bylaws 
  • Assisting with the performance of Performing due diligence
  • Combining and streamlining operations


If your nonprofit has fulfilled its mission, or is insolvent, we can help you understand your options and close the nonprofit legally. Leave a legacy you’re proud of by dissolving your not-for-profit organization at the right time with integrity and dignity. Our legal team is experienced in all forms of dissolving, whether your charity is inactive and looking to officially close your doors, or your nonprofit is going through bankruptcy or judicial dissolution. 

  • Preparing board resolutions
  • Filing Articles of Dissolution and the associated Plan of Dissolution
  • Filing notices with the Attorney General, department of revenue and related agencies
  • Dissolving contracts
  • Honoring donor intentions
  • Providing stakeholder “talking points” language and communications


Whether you’re looking to expand your program lines or restructure through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, our attorney can provide legal services to refresh your nonprofit organization. We provide a variety of services to reorganize and restructure charities including:

  • Assisting with key stakeholder and employee engagement
  • Filing appropriate documentation with Secretary of State, IRS, and/or other regulators
  • Amending bylaws
  • Helping close a program by finding it a new home, satisfying funders and transitioning staff
  • Assisting with the assessment of the effectiveness of the programs

Strategic Partnerships

Our team of lawyers is devoted to making the most of your strategic partnership to ensure that your nonprofit can reap the benefits. Many nonprofits find that an established strategic partnership can increase the range of services offered or expand your reach so you can increase your impact. Charitable Allies provides assistance with:

  • Developing a Managed Services Agreement
  • Negotiating and preparing joint programming terms
  • Developing joint services agreements

Charitable Allies has successfully reorganized and merged nonprofits, consolidated operations and boards, streamlined processes and otherwise have turned nonprofits into one efficient charitable organization.