Charitable Allies provides representation to community development corporations and economic development corporations so they can stay focused on fulfilling their mission.

We are unique; no other organization exists in Indiana for the purpose of providing these services to the communities we serve.

  1. Are you seeking incorporation by filing for IRS and state tax exemption? We can help!
  2. Are you seeking a partnership formation? We can help!
  3. Are you seeking solutions to community issues related to housing, economic development, community development and public safety? We can help!


Charitable Allies represents the interests of Indiana’s community and economic development corporations and is qualified to handle the legal needs of these organizations, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing housing or programming joint venture agreements or MOUs

  • Filing amicus briefs with courts in which housing or community development litigation is ongoing

  • Drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws

  • Drafting community benefits agreements with developers in their neighborhoods

  • Negotiating bank investment into communities

  • Addressing community concerns with community stakeholders

  • Pursuing policy changes to advance opportunities for equitable development

  • Understanding the land development process and present community interests at zoning hearings

  • Filing actions to quiet title (to settle property ownership or right of way disputes)

  • Obtaining 501(c)3 status

  • Acquiring and caring for community open spaces


Charitable Allies also provides legal representation to nonprofit housing developers and community-based organizations looking to return vacant properties in Indianapolis to productive use through acquisition and rehabilitation, including:

  • Tax sale foreclosure

  • Private donation or bargain sale

  • Direct purchase from a city-owned property or a private owner

  • Ground rent redemption

  • Acquisition planning

  • Lien release requests

  • State property tax exemption applications

  • Financing and construction documents

  • Consolidation of property

As a nonprofit organization, Charitable Allies is uniquely qualified to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you – as an advocate, an advisor, an extra pair of hands, and when necessary, as a litigator. Our team members’ passion for community service and social activism means that we are more than a service provider. We are your partner in philanthropy.