Charitable Allies


Watch our Executive Director, Zac Kester, tell you about our approach to assisting our clients.


Charitable Allies is a charity that provides legal, educational, administrative support, training, and consulting services to nonprofits.

Legal services. Most charities are unable to afford excellent, experienced nonprofit legal services. Charitable Allies provides these services at free and greatly reduced rates to charities and charitable programs.

Governance, education and training. Charitable Allies provides educational training, in partnership with myriad other charities, for Boards of directors, officers and staff, related to governance, leadership, and charitable and philanthropic programming best practices.

Administrative support services. Many nonprofit leaders are great a charitable programming, working with their boards, and maybe even fundraising, but may lack essential administrative skills, which sometimes means the nonprofit is not as successful as it could be if those leaders were freed up to play to their strengths. Others are stuck in the starvation cycle and don’t spend enough on administrative and “back-office” support. Charitable Allies provides a back office extra set of hands so your nonprofit leaders can do what they do best.