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501c3 Reinstatement: Simplified

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Regain Your Nonprofit Status

Losing your IRS tax-exempt status can have a major impact on your operations as a nonprofit organization. Without an active 501c3 status, you won’t be able to apply for grants or guarantee tax-deductible donations for your donors. Pursuing reinstatement doesn’t have to be difficult when you’ve got Charitable Allies’ nonprofit attorneys on your side.

Choosing your path to nonprofit reinstatement

There are four different ways you can pursue your 501c3 reinstatement, and our attorneys are familiar with each one. Our legal team can help guide you to which type of reinstatement makes the most sense for your organization.

Streamlined Retroactive Reinstatement
Retroactive Reinstatement within 15 months of revocation
Retroactive Reinstatement more than 15 months after revocation
Post-Mark Date Reinstatement
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Make the right reinstatement decision for your organization

Having your tax-exempt status revoked hinders your ability to further your nonprofit's mission. Working with a nonprofit attorney who is familiar with 501c3 reinstatement options can help streamline the process so that you can get back to your mission as soon as possible.

When you start working with a Charitable Allies Attorney to reinstate your tax-exempt status, they'll want to know:

Which type of 990 does your nonprofit file with the IRS?

Is this the first time your status has been revoked?

Has it been more or less than 15 months since the revocation?

Do you have reasonable cause for not filing your 990 on time in the last 3 years?

Why Us?


A Straightforward Process

Getting professional legal guidance helps make the process for 501c3 reinstatement simple.

A Nonprofit’s Perspective

We’re a nonprofit that serves nonprofits. We understand the how and why behind keeping your 501c3 status current.

Comprehensive Legal Services

We serve nonprofits at every stage of development, once you have your 501c3 status back, we’re still here to help with the everyday challenges of keeping your nonprofit compliant.

Navigating 501c3 reinstatement?

Reach out to our legal team for a free consultation! We can provide guidance about the path to nonprofit reinstatement.

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