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Yes, we’re a “church lawyer,” but we’re more than that, too.

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship are valuable parts of their community. Getting a lawyer is typically something churches might think of during a crisis, but having a church lawyer can be valuable in peaceful seasons too. We’re here to help when your church is growing and you need to open a new location or your children’s ministry is bringing on volunteers and you need to update your volunteer policies.

My church needs legal advice.

If you’re looking for a church lawyer, Charitable Allies offers comprehensive legal services for congregations of all sizes and types. Our nonprofit attorneys understand the unique needs of churches, temples, and other places of worship, and will provide knowledgeable and compassionate guidance along the way.

We can assist with:

Understanding 501c3 rules for churches
Updating governing documents
Structuring multi-site churches
Revising the employee handbook
Refreshing bylaws
General legal advice
Creating volunteer policies
1023 applications including statements of faith
Handling compliance questions
Church litigation
And more!

We offer comprehensive legal services for religious organizations.

A lawyer for churches specializes in the unique needs of religious organizations. At Charitable Allies, we serve religious organizations from all faith backgrounds in getting started, growing, and navigating the unexpected.

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You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a member of our legal team and we'll determine if we can help your unique situation.

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Once we've established how we can best serve your organization, we'll move on to advice and action steps.

Why Us?

Affordable Guidance

We offer our nonprofit attorney services “low-bono” rates (at or below 50% fair market value) because nonprofits and charities deserve guidance they can afford.

A Nonprofit’s Perspective

We’re a nonprofit that serves nonprofits. We understand the unique challenges facing nonprofit organizations today.

Comprehensive Service

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned organization navigating the unexpected, our attorneys can provide the guidance you need.

Need legal advice for your church or religious organization?

Schedule a consult with a member of our legal team! We’re familiar with the 501c3 rules for churches and can help navigate your organization’s needs.

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