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Simple Solutions for Complex Nonprofit Mergers

Merging two or more nonprofit organizations is a complex process, but the knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys at Charitable Allies are here to help. We aim to make the nonprofit merger process smooth for all parties involved resulting in a more vibrant, well-functioning organization, ready to pursue its mission with renewed vigor.

Our Services

Whether you’ve just begun conversations to potentially merge or you are committed to merging, our attorneys provide comprehensive services including:

Developing a “Terms Sheet” outlining the key elements important to each party
Negotiating terms
Preparing the Merger Agreement
Draft new/revised articles and bylaws
Assisting with the performance of due diligence
Combining and streamlining operations
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How a Nonprofit Merger Works

There are four basic steps to nonprofit mergers. During your consult with our nonprofit legal team, we'll discuss the terms and possible timeline for your specific situation. Some mergers are more straightforward than others.

Letter of Intent

This document establishes the intent of the merging nonprofits and often acknowledges key points of negotiation.

Due Diligence

Due diligence protects the merging nonprofits and ensures that the mission remains at the forefront throughout the entire process.

Merger Agreement and Negotiation

After due diligence is complete, your nonprofit attorney will draft your Merger Agreement and negotiation begins.

Articles of Merger

Once the nonprofits reach an agreement, new articles are filed with the Secretary of State as a final step.

Why Us?


A Straightforward Process

Getting professional legal guidance is aimed at making sure your merger is successful and leads to a healthier organization overall.

A Nonprofit’s Perspective

We’re a nonprofit that serves nonprofits—we understand the unique intricacies of combining nonprofit organizations.

Comprehensive Legal Service

We service nonprofits at every stage of development. Whether you’re just starting the conversation about merging or are committed to merging.

Need guidance for your nonprofit merger?

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