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While there are different ways to solve conflicts, sometimes litigation is necessary to ensure justice and meaningful change. Nonprofit litigation can be a slow and expensive process, and it’s important to have an attorney who understands the realities of nonprofit organizations.

Whether it’s solving conflicts with the board, disputes with vendors and contractors, or other types of conflict, at Charitable Allies, we’re here to support nonprofits who need to navigate the litigation process.

Conflict resolution that puts
the mission first

It’s natural for conflict to arise during the lifetime of a nonprofit organization, just like with any business. Knowing the conflict resolution options available to your organization is one of the benefits of working with a legal firm that exclusively serves nonprofits.

We do more than just nonprofit litigation:

Demand letters
Cease and desist letters
Updating bylaws and handbooks
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Affordable Guidance

We offer our nonprofit attorney services “low-bono” rates (at or below 50% fair market value) because nonprofits and charities deserve guidance they can afford.

A Nonprofit’s Perspective

We’re a nonprofit that serves nonprofits—we understand the unique challenges facing nonprofit organizations today.

Comprehensive Legal Service

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned organization navigating the unexpected, our attorneys can provide the guidance you need.

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