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Charitable Allies: Our Story

Charitable Allies is:

a nonprofit law firm that exclusively serves nonprofit organizations because we believe all nonprofits should have access to great legal counsel that doesn’t cost a fortune. Whether you’re starting a nonprofit, reorganizing, or solving board conflict, our nonprofit lawyers will provide the guidance you need to get back to what matters most: your mission.

Our nonprofit lawyers’ mission is helping you achieve yours.

We’ve heard from hundreds of nonprofit leaders who’ve struggled to find a nonprofit lawyer who understands the unique rules, regulations, and needs of a nonprofit organization. Most attorneys aren’t trained in nonprofit-specific laws, and the few that are often charge more than charity organizations can truly afford.

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Our History

In 2013, we noticed nonprofits often struggled with overwhelming legal requirements and complexities, but had few places to turn. More than that, the lawyers who did offer services often charged double or triple what most nonprofits could afford.

Our attorneys set out to change that. Charitable Allies, a nonprofit legal aid law firm, was created in 2013 by nonprofit professionals and lawyers who wanted to fill the gap. Charitable Allies focuses exclusively on serving and supporting nonprofits and their stakeholders. As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face.

We provide legal support and education at “low-bono” (or below half fair market value) rates for nonprofit clients around the country. We also provide free educational resources for nonprofit leaders on our blog and newsletter. Whether a new animal shelter is looking to get their 501c3 status or a youth sports club is looking to set safety policies, we are here to help.

Since opening our doors, our nonprofit lawyers have helped over 1000 nonprofits nationwide with legal challenges of all shapes and sizes. We know that when nonprofits thrive, they can change the world for the better.

Our Values

Mission-Focused Care
We are committed to helping nonprofits by providing mission-focused legal services.
Affordable Service
We understand the realities of running a nonprofit, so we know every dollar counts.
Nonprofit Education
Beyond legal services, we believe in the importance of providing educational resources to nonprofits to help them better serve their communities.

Meet Your Allies

Our legal team is ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your charity.

Our Team


We are so glad that we were referred to CA.

 Quentin was amazing to work with and incredibly kind. He helped answer our questions and never made of us feel uncertain about what we were doing. Victoria was helpful and friendly and made logistics easy. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to start or manage a non-profit!

Daniel Stec

They’re fast, responsive, and effective.

Charitable Allies has streamlined the chaotic process of electoral and legislative compliance in 50 different states into an easy to manage process for us. They’ve helped our organization reach new levels of effectiveness by dealing with the legal burden that would otherwise slow issue advocacy organizations to a crawl.

Dustin Curtis

Charitable Allies , I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you’ve done on this case

 Despite the challenges, you stayed the course to ensure that my case was not only handled with nothing short of shrewd strategy and dignity but gave me hope during a very difficult time of my life. Mimi and Katie, two top-notch attorneys, did an amazing job!! Had it not been for them, I don’t know where I would be. I’m so grateful that you were able to help me get back control of my nonprofit and pave the way for a campaign that I know will help us have an even greater impact.

L.Y. Marlow

Charitable Allies made the process for becoming a not for profit headache free.

 From the first encounter with Victoria to finishing the project with Quentin. Everyone was friendly and responsive. Would recommend them to anyone that is starting a not for profit.

Melissa Zeber

I have been using Charitable Allies services for over four years

With the last 2.5 utilizing their work on retainer as we grow our human resources, board development & professionalization, and evaluate risks to our organization and the types of insurance we need to mitigate those risks. Their team is professional, can move at a fast pase when needed, and their attorneys are surpisingly creative in finding the paths to meet the needs of our mission when we hit time or budget crunches. I reccomend Zac and his team for your legal needs or even to help you evaluate your organization and board to find the risks you didn’t know were there. I have peace of mind knowing my organization is ready to face whatever comes next!

Tina Whitington

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Schedule a consult with our legal team! We’re here to help you achieve your mission.

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When nonprofits have the right resources, communities thrive, and the world is a better place. At Charitable Allies, we’re a lean, dedicated group that works hard but still knows how to have fun. If you’re interested in joining our growing team, check out our career opportunities!