Charitable Allies aims to provide a meaningful, hands-on learning experience for our interns each year. If you’re looking to work in the nonprofit sector, an internship at Charitable Allies can be a unique learning experience, allowing you to learn the ins and outs of small and mid-sized nonprofits across the country. Each intern has 1-2 dedicated attorney(s) or staff member(s) who provide guidance, answer questions, and challenge interns to grow professionally during their time with us. We’re an organization with a huge work ethic that not only invests strongly in our people and their professional growth, but that also still takes time out to have fun on occasion. Slackers need not apply! 😉

Check out what our interns have said about working with Charitable Allies:

If you are dedicated to learning and being a part of the firm and achieving the organizational goal that everyone shares, it’s going to be one of the best work experiences you can get.

Cody Vibbert, Legal Intern 2020

My internship at Charitable Allies was a huge learning experience. I was doing my JD and my Masters in nonprofit management. It helped put everything in perspective

Josh Doran

I had a lot of independence and freedom to explore things that were interesting to me. I got to do a deep dive into one of the cases. You can’t buy that kind of expertise. Being able to learn hands-on is valuable. Your work feels meaningful.

Kylie Schreiber Wolf

Internships at Charitable Allies comply with the ABA Standards for field placements and all DOL rules relating to internships. See our open internship positions below: