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We make your nonprofit dream a reality

We help passionate community leaders start thriving 501c3 nonprofits that change the world for the better. With over 400 applications for 501c3 status approved by the IRS, our team will handle the entire legal process of starting a nonprofit and obtaining 501c3 status. Ready to get started? The first step is to meet with our team via Zoom. Contact us today for available appointment times.

Ready to start a 501c3 nonprofit?

Whether you’re looking to start an animal shelter or a tutoring program for kids, we help all kinds of charitable organizations in all 50 states. Bring us your charitable mission and we’ll handle the legal side. We can file the proper form with the IRS so you can focus on your passion. Our nonprofit startup services include:

Incorporating with your state
Filing for 501c3 tax exempt status
Obtaining an EIN
Creating bylaws, a conflict of interest policy and organizational actions
Drafting OFAC compliance policy for organizations doing international work
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Starting a 501c3 nonprofit is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Request a free 30 minute conversation with our team. We'll discuss the timeline, cost and process of creating a public charity, private foundation, or other tax exempt organization.

Create Organizing Documents

Once you've provided our team with some information, we will draft your articles of incorporation, bylaws, conflict of interest policy, organizational actions, and we'll obtain an EIN for your nonprofit startup. We can help start a nonprofit in any state in the US.

Apply for 501c3 Status

The last step is to file the right form with the IRS. Whether it's the 1023, 1024, or 1023-EZ, we can help you select the right form and we'll get it completed for you. Once you review and sign off on it, we'll submit it to the IRS so you can get your determination letter as soon as possible.

Why Us?


Affordable Guidance

We offer our nonprofit attorney services “low-bono” rates (at or below 50% fair market value) because nonprofits and charities deserve guidance they can afford.

A Nonprofit’s Perspective

We’re a nonprofit that serves nonprofits—we understand the unique challenges facing nonprofit organizations today.

Comprehensive Legal Service

We provide assistance when getting your organization started, but we’re happy to be your allies on an ongoing basis. When you have legal needs or questions, you’ll have a person on our team to call.

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Ready to start a 501c3? Reach out today!

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