Get Your Nonprofit Started in Three Easy Steps

You’ve got a great cause and you’re ready to take action. Wondering what to do to get your 501c3 nonprofit started legally? We’ve got you covered with our Three Step Startup Process!

Prepare your information

1. Prepare your information. We have an article that walks you through the things you’ll need to get your nonprofit started, including a name, mission, and board members. Whether you’re looking to start a church, youth-serving organization, animal shelter, or other kind of nonprofit, our compassionate nonprofit lawyers can help you get started. We help with incorporating with your state, filing for IRS tax exemption, and creating the corporate documents you need to get started on the right foot like bylaws.

Contact us

2. Contact us! We have two options. If you’d like to speak to one of our attorneys, request a consultation. We reply to all requests and applications within 1 business day. Once we review your application or speak to you in a consultation, we’ll send over an engagement letter and a link to pay your retainer payment. When you sign the letter and pay the retainer, we’ll be able to get started.

Get Nonprofit Status

3. Let us take care of the rest! As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the legal process and requirements for nonprofits. We think it shouldn’t be hard to start a nonprofit that makes a difference. Our attorneys have helped over 200 charities get started legally. We take care of the legal paperwork so you can focus on changing the world.

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