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Starting a Nonprofit with Charitable Allies | The Cooper House Testimonial

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Together: “My name is Brooke Howe and I’m Kyle Howe and we’re with The Cooper House”

Brooke: “The Cooper House is an organization that fosters hope to families in crisis in our community. We focus on children, parents, and families who are involved with the Department Of Child Services.”

Kyle: “We do that by providing visitation space for the Department Of Child Services to bring kiddos who don’t have an immediate place to go. So instead of them sitting in their office they come to The Cooper House where they can be loved on, and taken care of.”

Brooke: “A lot of times these parents and children are struggling and they have no healthy support in their life and to be able to walk alongside them, pray for them, and show them glimpses of who Jesus is; is one of my favorite things.”

“When we called up Charitable Allies we were struggling with everything.”

Kyle: “We really didn’t know where to start. We knew that we wanted to start this nonprofit to support these families, but we had no background in that area. So one of the ways Charitable Allies helped us get off on the right foot was by organizing our nonprofits board of directors and setting up that initial paperwork. So that everything filed with the irs was correct and that we would be able to receive any funding that we might need down the road.” 

Brooke: “Some of the things that The Cooper House has accomplished within the last year or two since being established has been getting into a home. We have a brick and mortar space that we moved into.”

Kyle: “Since becoming a non-profit we’ve been able to start in those programs and put them into place to see them grow over the past year. We measure our impact in the numbers of children, counties, and families that are served. In 2021 we had 545 hours of visitations happen at our home. We served Hamilton County and five surrounding Counties. Then we had 46 children come through the house for emergency removal care; meaning they were waiting for a foster home to go to. We were able to serve them and the caseworkers in our home with a safe and comfortable place to stay.”

Brooke: “For anyone thinking about starting a non-profit we would totally recommend and encourage them to reach out to Charitable Allies. It will be a very impactful investment to make in the future of your organization.”

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