Success Story: Rock Steady Boxing

The Rock Steady Boxing logo. The words are in a weathered bold serif font and "Rock Steady" is in a blue narrow triangle shape while "Boxing" is in a matching yellow shape.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing success stories from our clients about the wonderful things they’ve been able to accomplish with the support of Charitable Allies because we believe that when nonprofits thrive, our communities thrive.

Rock Steady Boxing was founded to empower people with Parkinson’s Disease in a unique way: by providing a no-contact boxing fitness curriculum that helps improve their quality of life. Their program is life-changing and often allows participants to fight against the deterioration of motor skills, balance, and speech that Parkinson’s causes. The program became popular and Rock Steady Boxing began spreading the program through affiliates around the country.

            “Over the last year, we began to realize that as fast as the growth has been, we needed to put in play some enhanced standards, certifications, and qualifications for the affiliates– both the locations it’s offered at and the trainers who provide it,” said Amy DiStaulo, then interim president. “We wanted to create an even safer environment for the vulnerable population we work with.”

            Rock Steady Boxing wanted to keep the affiliate model that worked so well for them, but they also wanted to ensure that as the number of affiliates increased, the program remained both safe and effective for participants. Amy started searching for a nonprofit lawyer who could help her accomplish this goal, but who would also understand the unique needs of a nonprofit.Then a colleague recommended Charitable Allies.

            “Here was a law firm that that was what their mission was,” she said. “I was very excited to meet Zac and Robert.”

            Once she began working with Zac Kester and Robert Miller, two of our attorneys, she knew she’d made the right choice. Zac and Robert researched into the affiliate model and law in relation to nonprofits and helped Rock Steady Boxing put enhanced safety and quality standards in place for affiliates.

            Today, Rock Steady Boxing has affiliates in all 50 states and 14 countries, working in the fight against Parkinson’s. With the help of Charitable Allies, they were able to grow without compromising on the quality of safety of the program.

            “I would highly recommend reaching out to Charitable Allies regarding legal issues with your nonprofit,” Amy said. “It’s so nice for smaller nonprofits that don’t have huge budgets to be able to afford the legal help they need.”

            After working with Charitable Allies and getting to know Robert and Zac, the board of directors elected to use Charitable Allies for their ongoing legal needs.

            “They were impressed,” Amy said. “They’re looking forward to working with him further.”