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Where Can My Nonprofit Get Discounts and Tax Exemptions?

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Save your nonprofit money so you can spend more on your mission with these nonprofit discounts

It’s no secret that most nonprofits are registered as tax exempt with the IRS. But could your nonprofit be missing out on more money-saving opportunities? There are tons of businesses that offer nonprofit discounts for registered nonprofits. Different states also offer exemptions from taxes like sales or employment tax for nonprofits as well. Check out a few of our top picks below.


1. Google Workspace: Including Gmail, Google Meet & Google Drive

Online communication and work is more important now than ever before. Google offers a free plan for nonprofits that includes email addresses at your nonprofit’s domain (website address), video meetings via Google Meet, and creating & managing files on Google Drive. They also have discounted more advanced plans for nonprofits looking to scale up.

2. Salesforce

If you’re looking for a donor management system or you need to manage your programs or grants, salesforce offers a free trial and 10 free licenses to nonprofits. They have a version of salesforce built for nonprofits specifically.

3. Sales Tax Exemption

Each state has its own laws governing if nonprofits are exempt from paying sales tax. In most states, you’ll need to apply to receive state sales tax exemption for purchases made by the nonprofit. Typically these forms to apply for state sales tax exemption are short and straightforward, and require the nonprofit to have their determination letter from the IRS. 

4. Nonprofit Mailing Privileges

Did you know USPS offers discounted rates for charities? If you’re sending mail like newsletters or fundraising letters, it’s wise to apply for USPS’s discounted rates for nonprofits. To apply, complete and submit their application, along with your IRS determination letter and the other required documentation listed on their website

5. Charitable Allies

We couldn’t get through this list without mentioning Charitable Allies provides legal services at a discounted rate, no application needed! With most of our services costing at or below half of fair market value for similar services from a similarly experienced attorney, we aim to provide nonprofits with high quality legal help, whether you’re looking to file for tax exemption, update your bylaws, or you need representation in a legal case. We also provide free educational articles for nonprofits in our email newsletter, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out! If you’d like to explore legal services for your nonprofit, contact us!

6. Quickbooks Online

To track expenses, create invoices, and handle essential financial tasks, Quickbooks Online is a great tool. They offer a discounted rate for nonprofits on TechSoup. And speaking of TechSoup…

7. TechSoup

TechSoup is a great platform that offers tons of tech solutions for nonprofits at discounted rates, so if you’ve found an online solution for your nonprofit you’d like to use, always check for discounted rates on TechSoup!

8. Later

Later is a social media scheduling and management tool that offers 50% off subscriptions for nonprofits. They also offer a 100% discount off their Growth monthly plan for nonprofits with a mission to fight racism.

9. YouTube

As YouTube’s features continue to expand, they want their resources to be accessible to nonprofits. They offer the YouTube Social Impact program to assist nonprofits with both messaging and fundraising efforts. This includes some additional features, such as the YouTube Creator Academy, a resource for how to use video content most effectively. Lastly, YouTube Spaces—nationwide workspaces with high-quality equipment and sets—are free for nonprofits with over 1,000 subscribers on their platform to use . Learn more and apply here.

10. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design website with a wide range of content creation features. Their Canva for Nonprofits program lets nonprofits use Canva Pro for free, unlocking unlimited fonts, templates, graphics, stock photo and video, and more. To apply, create a free Canva account and then complete the application form.

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